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Organization of biochemical safety

Destruction of pathogenic bacteria


We use the latest production technologies. We produce antiseptics for industrial and residential premises, walls and floors, medical equipment, clothing and household items wholesale and retail with delivery to Uzbekistan and the countries of the Customs Union.

If You care about your health and the health of your loved ones, if you want to be 100% sure that you will get rid of the problem of biohazard, the company «DIAGNOKIM SOLUTIONS» offers You a line of decontaminating, antiseptic products.

Antiviral and decontaminating agents

Representatives of the company regularly pass certification, visit exhibitions of pharmaceutical raw materials, where they get acquainted with advanced developments in the field and learn from the experience of leaders of the antiseptic industry. The production employs highly qualified personnel and this makes it possible to introduce new products into production in the shortest possible time.

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  • + Our principle:

    When allocating the cost of the product, we divide 90% of the investment between raw materials, scientific research and production technology, and leave the remaining 10% for the cost of packaging, labels and other overhead costs. We minimize the cost of packaging, but we enrich the recipe composition of products with natural and certified ingredients. Thus, buying antiseptic products from us-You get productive and effective means, our main task is not to keep high prices for products that can destroy biological hazards, and not on containers and packaging.

  • + Our research:

    In our laboratory, when creating product recipes, we select components that 100% reveal the purpose of the product. Using the experience and accumulated knowledge in the compatibility of ingredients, we create high-quality antiseptic products with a high content of active components.

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Compliance with rules and agreements

Relying on International specialization and cooperation and to maintain low prices for products, we fully use our vast experience and are a participant in Foreign Economic Activities. We maintain contacts and make purchases of raw materials, materials and necessary equipment directly

from direct manufacturers. Import without intermediaries reduces the costs of production.

Elimination of infectious hazards

To Order Products

  • + Compliance with State standards:

    The key place in the production cycle is occupied by testing and certification of products . For several years, we have been working with the "State Scientific center", where products pass laboratory tests and we receive a test report, only after that, the products are allowed to be produced.

    The company produces antiseptic and antibacterial products-the compositions of which meet the requirements of the mass consumer. The product contains only permitted "green preservatives" and ingredients included in the lists of the world health organization.

    All our products are approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and meet approved International standards.

  • + Test protocol:

    All manufactured products undergo laboratory and clinical research in the testing center of the Ministry of Health, which is confirmed by test reports. We are glad to see You among the buyers of our products.

  • + Compliance with contractual relationships:

    Computerization and use of automatic full-cycle equipment is the key to quality assurance. 100% automation and computerization allow you to manage production without the intervention of the"human factor". Communication with partners is based on software products and confirmed by an electronic signature, which increases control and fixation in the decisions and obligations reached during cooperation. Electronic document management, which we use, serves as a guarantee of timely and error-free settlements with contractors.

Services of "DIAGNOKIM solutions"

  • + Our production company offers you a wide range of high-quality and safe products.

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    Household chemicals, hand sanitizer SPRAY and gel, floor and other surface sanitizers, mobile phone and computer sanitizer SPRAY, instrument sterilization liquid, terminal disinfection liquid.

  • + Are you interested in the safety of your health and the health of your guests or clients?

    Two-stage quality control in the laboratory (input control of raw materials for production and quality control of semi-finished products).

    Purchasing our products is the right choice for You and we are ready to conclude a contract with you for the supply of antiseptic products.

    We will deliver our products to the door Of your warehouse, office, or store.

  • + We are manufacturers of household and industrial chemicals, our advantages:

    1. Cosmetic, household, professional cleaning and cleaning products.

    2. it is a great honor for us to cooperate with You for the benefit of the development and prosperity of Your business!All manufactured products are made from high quality and safe raw materials from European suppliers,

    certificates are available:

    ISO, CE certificate.

Why is it better to contact "DIAGNOKIM solutions"?

Our specialists put the fight against the bacteriological threat on the first place. the production of antiseptics is possible only with the use of certified ingredients.


Due to the fact that our specialists use only modern equipment, they manage to achieve a truly high level of quality of all products.

Quality assurance


We value and respect all our clients, which is why our team of specialists conducts scientific research, attends international conferences and learns from the Leaders in the market of antiseptics.

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